Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vinayaka Chavithi.

It is a long time that instead of PSN,the soul is writing. After a long time I was in Hyderabad for Ganesh Chaviti. It took me to my childhood days. We used to stay at a place called Akbarbagh in a two room house. The first room is used as guest room, tv room, bedroom, reading room. The second room was pooja room, kitchen, store room. Back of it were toilets and 2 feet space to put cement water collecting vessels. The reading room was unique. one corner was tv. second corner was krishna. the third corner was mine which had door through which people come in and go. the fourth corner was my sister padmaja's which had the second door. None of us should read loud to disturb others. coming to ganesh chaviti we being in the middle we used to contribute both to akbarbagh ganesh and anandnagar ganesh. Early morning there used to be the sivalingarachana played on loud speaker.

Bramhamurai surarchitha lingam
nirmala basita shobitha lingam
janmaja dukha vinasaka lingam
tat pranamami sada siva lingam.

deva muni pravarachitha lingam
kama dahana karunakara lingam
ravana darpa vinasaka lingam
tat pranamami sada siva lingham

suru guru suravara pujitha lingam
suravana pushpa sadarchitha lingam
parama padam paramatka lingam
tat pranamami sadasiva lingam

then there used to suprabatham played

kousalya supraja rama purva sandhya pravatha the uthistha narasardula
uthistham daiva manihikam.

After that siva siva siva shambo shambo song from bhukailas of NTR which is very famous.

In the evening there used to be 16mm movies which were shown on the road. they used to block road and lay the red carpets. the white cloth was screen and 16mm open projector. Myself krishna paddu enjoyed them.

If god has done any good in life it is to give paddu and krishna as siblings. I dont know from when paddu used to carry tiffin boxes and arrange food in durga teacher house under the mango tree. then after eating she used to clean the boxes and arrange. Even today those qualities of paddu made her a great wife. I am really proud of her. I was in hyderabad this time because of the blood infection problem, krishna took me in car to all these places as i had no energy. I visited the house where my childhood went. The rack where we used to have tape recorder. I used to dance very badly (soul dance) by playing it. That kumar was remembered. I remembered how me and vasu used to collect prasadam on last day when the idols were taken for immersion . Once from left side and once from right side. Basically tamrind rice. this visit has fulfilled my soul's thirst for happiness.

Second the most important being september i had 20 min right with vishnu. I bought a cricket bat with ball and hand roller. I asked him what he wants before going and he said he want my friend ganesha pencil boxes. Thanks to my friend sachin i could get them at mumbai itself. I carried few yellow 5 rs coins also with me. at 12.05pm i reached school. For me it is like time should stop at 12.10 thats it. After a real real long 5 min 12.10 has come and the aya has told at top that your father has come. I was expecting vishnu come from front steps, he came from backside ramp and took bat and said thank u daddy. I have a pt period today. wait i will come with my tiffin box. in 2 min he was down with tiffin box. he opened tiffin box and it was sambhar( same habit of kumar). he said i eat only this everyday and u feed me today with spoon. I took the spoon and was feeding. He opened my bag and said what about ganesha. I have shown him two boxes of my friend ganesha as sachin said buy 2 dada and let him choose what he wants rather then we forcing our choice. He said daddy i want to keep both of them with me. I said ok. He saw a barby pencil box, he said it is for whom. I said it is for Draksha. Draksha is like shawdow to vishnu. 2nd class girl and my favourite little doll. He gave it to her and said my daddy has brought it for you. she came and planted a sweet kiss on cheeks and said thank you uncle. In the mean time he asked for ball. I gave him ball and hand band. I handed over 5 rs coins yellow in nature to him in the pouch. I said let me teach 3 steps in cricket. i taught how to use crease. How to position himself in crease and when to go forward. As it happens god made the bell ring of the school. its 12.30 official. Vishnu came to me gave a kiss on my cheek and said daddy kiss me i am going to class. I will use bat in PT period. bas. he started moving, my heart was sulking. But ok. after 3 months of tough fight in court i had registered myself in his brain.

The soul moved out of my body it flew in which direction i dont know. Thank god for giving 20 min life.

This is purely personal and no comments please.

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